Df-Inspiration-Shoot_Unit_015_web_wAbout Nikon Df Inspiration (Digital fusion | Inspiration). This site is dedicated to Nikon’s new Df digital single lens reflex camera―a retro-inspired image-making tool that pays homage to the company’s venerated film cameras of the 1960s and 1970s…but in a contemporary, digital package.

The Df is all about a return to those simpler days of film photography. It offers straightforward buttons and control dials, eschewing an overabundance of menu screens and options. It emphasizes the outstanding sensor performance of the Nikon D4 ― its professional sibling ― but in a much smaller and lighter body that just feels natural in the hands.

With the new Df, Nikon has raised the bar in retro camera design and functionality, helping image creators focus on the fundamental aspects of photography once again.

Beginning with a retro-themed shoot inspired by the 1960’s, here at Df Inspiration we’re going on a journey of pure, inspirational photography, and it’s going to be an interesting ride with the Nikon Df at our side.

We hope you’ll join us…


Df Inspiration Bios

Nick Didlick: Professional Photographer/Videographer | Nikon Canada Ambassador
Nick Didlick is a Visual Media Producer and a lifelong Nikon photographer and videographer. From Olympics to Super Power Summits he has covered many major news, sport, and feature assignments in over 51 countries. He is active in all forms of visual communications and is a widely sought after digital photography/video consultant and lecturer. You can visit his website at: http://nickdidlick.com

Robert Falconer: Professional Writer | Content Producer
Robert Falconer is a lifelong communicator whose primary career spans the fields of writing & content development, with a secondary focus on photography and voice narration. Working chiefly in business, media and entertainment, his clients have included organizations such as National Geographic Channel, Metro News, and Paramount Television. He has shot with Nikon gear for most of his career, and is also a contributing feature writer for Nikon Owner magazine. You can find him on the web at falconercommunications.com